Kraemer Productions


Kraemer Productions brings a unique blend of two visual disciplines to every project: videography and graphic design. Owner Craig Kraemer’s graphic design background and art direction experience combine visual sensitivity and technical expertise rare for a one-man video production service. Kraemer prides himself on his sense of style and visual sophistication. From lighting and framing to background and choice of equipment, Kraemer knows that to achieve a quality finished product, every detail matters!

In addition to shooting large and small projects, Kraemer Productions offers extensive editing services. These in-house editing capabilities mean that Kraemer can turn around jobs quickly, and receive instructions and editing suggestions directly from the client. Kraemer is equally at home working directly with clients or in conjunction with producers.

Audio is an often-overlooked element that is perhaps the most important component for successful video productions. For videos to be effective, sound quality is vital. If poor quality audio distracts viewer’s attention, little else matters. Kraemer Productions uses only the best audio equipment and follows industry “Best Practices” to provide the highest audio quality.

Kraemer approaches every project with the understand that each client’s needs are special and unique: “I throw myself into each project. Each project is as important to me as it is to my client and maybe even more because each job is personal; it represents me and my capabilities.”

Craig Kraemer