Kraemer Productions


– Additional samples available upon request –

Events come in many forms, from sporting competitions and elegant social galas to theatrical performances and scripted symposiums. One thing all events have in common is that surprises often happen, even with the organizers’ best laid plans. Successfully filming an event is about the videographer’s ability to adjust to changing conditions.

To achieve a good outcome, the videographer must work hard to remove as many variables as possible, prepare for the unexpected, and anticipate potential problems that may arise. Kraemer’s adaptability as a seasoned videographer is an advantage when unforeseen conditions develop or clients require last-minute program changes.

Thank you Maestro Robert Lyall for your many years as General and Artistic Director of the New Orleans Opera.

Thank you to Pierre Villeré for trusting me with his special day.

Tails but no Black Tie horse jumping gala at New Orleans City Park

Thank you to the New Orleans Opera Association and the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.