Kraemer Productions


 – Additional samples available upon request –

When shooting interview subjects, Kraemer strives to create visual representations that relate to the topics of the interviews. Sometimes, visual connections to a topic can be established exclusively through camera work, while at other times, editing plays the primary role.

The video of David Spielman’s interview is an example of using post-production to create a visual connection to the topic of the piece. In that interview, Kraemer transitions from color to black and white because Spielman’s specialty is black and white photography. Other times, as with an interview conducted

at the House of Blues with Sig Greenbaum, one of the architects of the original Voodoo Fest, Kraemer uses lighting and background to establish the appropriate ‘feel’. He selects a very rich background to reinforce the mystique associated with Voodoo, and uses directional lighting with limited fill lights to achieve a contrasty, moody look.

Thank you to The Historic New Orleans Collection and photographer David Spielman.

Sig Greenbaum, one of the architects of the original Voodoo Fest shared his thoughts about the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience.

Mignon Faget, renowned jewelry designer explains her millennium creation at The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Restaurateur Ralph Brennan shares thoughts about the reopening of Brennan’s Restaurant after hurricane Katrina.