Kraemer Productions


– Additional samples available upon request –

Creating visual short stories is where Kraemer Production really shines. In this type of production, the videography, lighting, background selection, and final editing all work together to tell a visual story that conveys the client’s image and message.
A piece Kraemer Productions created for the New Orleans Opera Association tells the behinds-the-scene story of how the opera company made the chamber opera, The Medium.

The story line concerns a bizarre encounter with the supernatural by a small group of people. From the very opening shot, Kraemer establishes a haunting atmosphere by selecting musical motifs from the score to set the opera’s eerie tone. He uses a variety of visual effects to enhance the sense of mystery. For example, descriptive text floats in dreamlike waves behind a window on stage. Additionally, an image of the medium’s head inside a crystal ball lends a foreboding element to the opening.

Other details reinforce the video’s other-worldly ambiance. Candles flickering in a large candelabra blow out, one by one, as if by an unseen force. Images in a painting hanging on the wall mysteriously move about, in a nod to the moving portrait subjects in Harry Potter movies.
Kraemer sets the interviews with the opera’s conductor and other personnel against a portion of the set that embodies the mystery and occult theme of the opera.

Utilizing two cameras to capture different angles gives Kraemer the flexibility to cut between cameras in post-production. He uses these shots selectively to highlight particular points of interest during the interviews. Finally, in the credits, Kraemer employs special effects to make the pictures on the wall move and give a skull on a shelf a wandering eye.